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By following your favourite brands🚀

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Why should you get paid?

In the advertising industry today YOU are the PRODUCT. Billions of dollars are being made, but you’re not getting any of it. We think this is unfair, because your attention is worth a lot to advertisers. Boostchain ensures YOU get rewarded for yours!


You’re in control of your data.

With the Boostchain app you get to control the kind of ads you receive. Set and forget your preferences, or, change them as and when your interest changes. Say goodbye to irrelevant and annoying ads.

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Interact and have fun

Advertisers love to get real-time feedback on their ads from consumers. They also love it when you promote their ads to interested friends across social networks. They are prepared to pay BIG REWARDS for this, with Boostchain this goes directly to you and your friends.

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Never miss the best deals

Choose to sync the Boostchain app with GPS while you’re shopping and get access to the latest discounts and deals from your favourite brands, in real time. Earn Boost tokens for watching ads, then redeem them for purchases, or even cash!

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